OOTC Boutique


14 Douglas Avenue, Bathurst NB E2A 5B9


*Out of the Closet Boutique will take great care in all consigned items, but cannot be held liable for loss due to theft or accidental damage*

Winter Consignment Appointments can be booked by phone only (506) 549-9931 starting Tuesday October 12th at 9:00 am.

*If appointments are filled you will be added to our Cancellation List. Please be patient with us, we have long Winters in NB so you will get an appointment. We just do not want to take too much inventory and see your item not sell*

ALL items must be washed, wiped down and folded. We are strictly enforcing this policy and will not accept any unwashed items. 

All bags (plastic or recyclable) must be labelled with your name, phone number and email address on the outside of each bag. 

Because of the bulkiness of Winter Attire we ask that everyone who has an appointment stay in store so that we can go through the items. Book yourself 30 minutes for the appointment to give us ample time to go through your items thoroughly. 

Effective September 13th, 2021 everyone will need an appointment for item drop off. No exceptions.

​What to bring for Winter Consignment:

Think Warm. Think Cozy. Think Layers.

*Think End of February Weather*

What we are ALWAYS looking for:

  • Plus Size Clothing (XXL and Up)

  • Activewear

  • Sneakers & Flats

  • Jewelry (Costume or otherwise)

  • Higher End Purses & Backpacks 

  • Sunglasses & Headbands

Winter Consignment:

*Winter Jackets, hats, mitts and scarves, winter footwear. Check your pockets in your outerwear...you’d be surprised what we find.

  • Brand name jeans and pants ONLY and in excellent condition (it is what sells)

  • Sweaters/Cardigans/Hoodies

  • Blazers

  • Short/Long Sleeve Tops and Blouses

  • Jean Jackets/Vests

  • Dresses/Jumpers

  • Fleece jackets & thermal wear

  • Flats/Booties/Sneakers/Tall Boots

  • Brand Name Tote Bags/Purses/Wallets/Handbags

  • Jewelry

If you have any questions regarding consignment items and preparing your bags please call the store and speak with Melissa. 

Consignors receive 40% of the Sale Price of the items (paid via e-transfer only). 

Consignors can book 1 appointment only every 60 days. 

Bring us your BEST 40 items or less per appointment.

  • Items are to be FRESHLY washed and NEATLY folded.


  • Purses and shoes must be “like new”. No signs of wear. Wiped down.


  • We accept Sunglasses, Activewear, Boots, Shoes, Accessories, Clothing. See below for brands we do not accept.


  • Please do not bring items on hangers or in garment bags.


  • Items must be current with the trend. We will not take ANY items older than 3 years. Although select Vintage wear and Classic pieces will be accepted. This is at the discretion of OOTC Boutique.​

Do not Accept:

  • Nightwear, Extremely High Heeled Footwear, Prom or Wedding Gowns

  • Items sold exclusively at Sears, Target or Zellers (Cherokee, Jessica, Together etc).

  • Wal-Mart (Turf, Athletic Works, George), Northern Reflections, Cotton Ginny.

  • Off Season Clothing

  • Items which are heavily wrinkled, rips, holes, needing repair, stained, pet hair, dirty footwear and purses.


*New or New with Tags: Joe Fresh, Lily Morgan, Ardene Clothing will be considered at the discretion of OOTC Boutique*

Trading Seasons:

We accept inventory based on the following seasonal schedule:

  • SPRING styles are accepted February-March

  • SUMMER styles are accepted April-June

  • FALL styles are accepted July-September

  • WINTER styles are accepted October-January


Pricing is determined at the sole discretion of Out of the Closet Boutique. Items are kept on display for 90 days at which time they will be discounted for an additional 30 days. At the end of the 120 days any items then become the property of Out of the Closet Boutique and will be donated to a local organization as appropriate. 

For Higher End Items

  • Please add a note inside your bag on the items you would like specific pricing. We LOVE notes inside the bags. Feel free to tell us what you would like the item priced at. Not what you paid. We will try our best to get that price for YOU. We wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed.


No money is paid up front, you are paid as the items sell. Payouts will be sent between the 1st and the 15th of every month.

  • A post to our social media platforms will be made when payouts have been sent.

  • Paid via Etransfer only. 

​If you are unavailable to make your previously scheduled appointment please call the boutique (506) 549-9931 to cancel your appointment or email ootcboutique@gmail.com